“Since when?”

For the last several months, one of my father’s favourite retort when confronted with something he does not remember is “since when?” He uses it. All. The. Time.

“No, Apa, you cannot have that extra piece of cake.” “Why?” “You have diabetes.” “Since when?” (17 years).

“Apa, maybe try to the decaf as opposed to my coffee” (Mum and I are avid caffeine fiends). “Why?” “The doctor says you should be careful because of your borderline high blood pressure.” “Since when?” (25 years).

“What do you mean you don’t want me to peel you apple; I thought you didn’t like apple peels?” “Since when?” (As long as I have have known him. And longer, for as long as my Mum has known him, and they have been married for over 49 years).

“That scar is from when they removed your appendix.” “Since when?” (Over 75 years ago, when he was 12).

However, sometime the ‘since whens’ are downright funny. I was reading my paper and drinking my coffee (or was that the other way around?) when I made a comment on the state of current global affairs. Apa just looks at me and simply asks, “Since when?”

I may have spewed my coffee…


2 thoughts on ““Since when?”

  1. LOL a sense of humor will keep you sane. I love his strategic use of “since when”. Pop just does the toddler type, “Why?” or the slightly more annoying series of denials, “No, it isn’t, wasn’t, never has been” etc.

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    1. Haha! Quite an apt way of looking at it: it is a bit toddleresque, with a bit of the similar behaviour.

      Hmm… I wonder if it’s not possible to try to see if from that particular perspective: from the point of view of encountering the world for the first time… something to try. Thanks for the idea, fairiefiles! 🌹

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