A glimmer and some humour

While dementia is disturbingly difficult, there are moments that makes us laugh. Apa’s observations are a bit off, as he really has no idea what’s going on in the world (thank whatever god you want!). However, ever now and then, his dry sense of humour shines through.

The other day, he has a rare glimmer of self-awareness, when he knew he was cognitively declining. While at the beginning he was brutally honest — so much so that he would tell people he was on his way to the ‘crazy house’– he has no idea now. So it turned out to be somewhat of a shock when, watching the news with my Mum, he commented on the current president of the United States that “his grasp on reality is more tenacious than mine”.

Needless to say, Mum laughed for 15 minutes straight, and by the time she finished, Apa asked what she’s laughing about.

Go figure 🙄


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