“But He’s So (fill in the blank)!”

One of things that I absolutely despise when I mention that my father has dementia is the inevitable "but he was so intelligent" or "I can't believe it--he is such a thinker" or "really?! Are you sure? He is such an intelligent man, he must be just scatterbrained" (yes. I'm sure. It's not him being … Continue reading “But He’s So (fill in the blank)!”


Confabulating About Confabulation.

For the past several months, we have noticed a tendency in my father where he doesn't quite answer a question, but rather talks around and around and around and around and around and so forth. He used to do this when he was in posssession of his full mental faculties (because you know, Jesuit-trained abstract … Continue reading Confabulating About Confabulation.